Everyone is welcome to our congregational activities. We invite you to join us in worship, fellowship, and service. Our wheelchair accessible entrance is on the southwest corner of the building.

What to expect

Church begins at 9:30.  Most members come between 9:20 and 9:30.  We have just completed phase one of a wonderful renovation which included switching the direction of the sanctuary.  Now our entrances are slightly deceptive.  Though any of the entrances will work, the best entrance is the single door on the South East side and it is fully accessible.  Enter here and you’ll come into our new commons area where you can meet people and hang up coats.  As you enter the sanctuary you’ll by greeted and handed a worship bulletin.  You won’t see many suits and ties;  dress style ranges from dressy to jeans and T-shirts.

A typical worship service includes prayers, singing, reading of scripture, a children’s time, a sermon lasting about 20 minutes, an offering, a sharing time followed by prayer. and a time for announcements and introductions.  During the announcement time, visitors have a chance to introduce themselves if they like, or they may be introduced by someone who knows them.

Our singing includes both four part hymns without accompaniment, and contemporary songs sung with our music group of acoustic guitar, piano, violin and other instruments.

Children of all ages are welcome in worship. Worship backpacks are availabe on the back pew to help keep smaller children occupied. There is also a staffed nursery available. Those elementary school age and younger are invited to the front for a 5 minute children’s time every other Sunday.

The offering is usually collected by passing plates for those who wish to contribute.

The service lasts until about 10:45 am.  Following the service there is a 15 minute break.

After the break, Sunday School classes for all ages begin.   Visitors are always welcome.  There is a class especially for young adults studying a variety of topics.  Some adult classes study the Uniform lesson series, and others use other topics and materials.  Children’s classes use materials from the Mennonite Church.   Sunday school classes are 45 minutes, usually ending just before noon.

A fellowship meal happens every Sunday during the school year, usually hosted by an adult Sunday school class.  The meal is especially intended for visitors – you are welcome to join us without bringing anything but an appetite.


For those with handicaps, use the SE entrance where there is a new concrete ramp to take you up one step to the the entrance door (which is not automatic).  Once inside, a fully enclosed lift brings you up to the sanctuary level or down to the fellowship hall.  There is a single handicapped accessible restroom on the sanctuary level.  The sanctuary itself has wide aisles with many convenient and unobtrusive places for wheelchairs and other walking aids.  Seating is a mixture of pews and chairs.

Hearing devices are available from the sound booth and large-print hymnals are also available.